How to judge whether the sofa fabric is good or bad

Sofa fabric is a textile interior decorative fabric used to cover the surface of sofa couch

Sofa cloth is a home textile product provided to professional sofa manufacturers or sofa customization services. It has the functions and purposes of protecting the finished sofa, being beautiful and making it comfortable to use.

According to different functions, sofa textile include flame-retardant and fire-proof sofa fabric, waterproof and anti-fouling slipcover, anti-pilling sofa slipcover, etc. The sofa cloth comes into contact with the human body during daily use, and the friction probability is very high. Therefore, it is very important to improve the friction color fastness, wear resistance, and pilling resistance of the sofa cloth. At the same time, the sofa cloth, as the surface of the fabric sofa, is covered with decorative fabrics. During use, due to the external forces such as human body gravity, the tensile strength, tearing strength, and seam slip strength of the yarn are equally important.

The common finished width of sofa fabric is 140cm~150cm. Another important indicator of sofa cloth is weight. That is gram weight per square meter.The weight per square meter directly affects the performance parameters of the sofa to a certain extent. The higher the gram weight, the higher the tearing strength and tensile strength. Therefore, when choosing a sofa cloth, try to choose one with a higher weight. Of course, the weight per square meter is higher, which also increases the purchase cost of the sofa cloth.

Haining Qijiajumei Textile Co.,Ltd has many types of sofa fabric, including imitation linen look fabrics, velvet couch cloth, chenille couch fabrics, polyester outdoor sofa textile, etc. As a factory, we will provide suggestions for selecting sofa fabrics based on customer needs. Welcome to consult by

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