What's the heavy stage curtain drapery fabric material

Heavy refers to the weight and density of the fabric. Curtain fabrics for large stage drapes need to be quite heavyweight in order to hang properly and maintain their shape without sagging.

Stage curtain drapery fabric materials are textiles specifically chosen for their properties that are suitable for use in the theater environment.

Key properties include light blocking, sound absorption, wrinkle and crease resistance, durability and flame resistance.

Common heavy drapery fabrics used include velvet, brocade, wool, heavy satins and bonded velours. These fabrics are dense, often built from thick yarns or pile.surely the final drapery choosing decision depands on the theater's budget and style needs ,Proper pleating and fullness is also important for curtains to hang well.

Qijiajumei supply various types of curtain fabric material. there are plain velvet design, and cotton polyester mixed type, jacquard chenille drapery .....when choosing for theater fabric, weight 350~420gsm should be suggested for you . like model 2302, model 2303, model 928,model 919. .. all in stock with width 280cm. which are all popular as hotel drapery curtain fabric material, more function like flame retardent material can be satisfied well .

                                                                         wholesale heavy stage curtain drapery fabric material in stock

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